Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey all I'm back! It's New Year and many things happened to me last holidays and I had a blast. As you all know I attended our 25th Silver Reunion last Dec. 19 and it's great to see my former highschool classmates that night. Photos will be shared soon.

We also had our Hongkong vacation last Dec. 21-24 and as usual we had the time of our life visiting the tourist spots most especially Disneyland. Shopping wise, I am not that happy because prices are a bit higher compared here in our country and most of the items can be seen here already at much lower price. Photos will be shared soon as well.

We had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve because my sis Joy and her family is here in the country as well. It's her 2 kids' first time to visit the country and my sis' 1st time to come home again after 9 years after migrating in Australia. They still have 2 more weeks to have a vacation.

Now that new year is here, another year to work hard and a year for more challenges and trials. Students will be back in school or univ. tomorrow already and for those that are taking medical coding training courses and other courses for sure they will have a hard time going back to school after a long vacation.

Ok it's time to work hard. Have a great New year everyone!

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