Saturday, January 23, 2010

In a Bad Mood

Sorry for this latest post but I'm just being annoyed right now and I'm not in a good mood. First, I could not find my reading glasses but later on find it. Second, our net cafe computers, 3 of which are not working properly since yesterday and my SIl and I have been sweating to troubleshoot it before we send it to our technician. Right now, my customer is complaining that it has no net connection. I look over it and indeed there's none. I checked on the cables and all but still it is like this. It's actually stressing me out right now and I know it;s not good bec. I don't want an emergency medical assistance to come

Anyway, my heart is pumping right now, I need to drink water and relax and I should not worry so much but it's hard to maintain computers if you have little knowledge on troubleshooting. Oh dear.. I hope it'll be fixed soon.

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