Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Shopped 'till We Dropped!!

It was last Friday and Sunday when my teenage niece and I went for shopping in Megamall, Robinsons and Greenhills Shoppign Centers. Her vacation here in the country is about to end and before she leaves on Wednesday for Sydney, she wanted to buy new clothes, bag shoes and more that she can bring there.

So off we went to Megamall and Robinsons last Friday and our eyes lit up we are so giddy to shop for goods. Of course it’s enjoyable if you have the money to spend so it was a shopping spree. My niece has been buying lots of shoes and blouses off the rack and oh dear I can’t help myself buying myself too.It was like we have no more tomorrow, when she find something nice she’ll fit it and buy it right away.

Our shopping didn’t end there; we went to Megamall and Greenhills on Sunday to shop once again. With tons of items that we bought, I hope she will not have an excess luggage or else she needs to leave some items behind. I was arranging her luggage last night and I’m keeping my fingers about the weight. Hope PAL is not that too strict.

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