Friday, January 29, 2010

Micah's Flight via PAL

It is one heck of a stressful day for us weighing and thinking how we can make Micah's luggage weigh according to PAL's weight preference. The average is 23kilos for luggage and 7 kilos for handcarry. Anyway, we arrived early at the airport on Jan. 28th and we are relieved when she was not fined for excess baggage eventhough she her luggage is 4 kilos excess. Thank heavens for that.

Now that she's back in Sydney, she'll be back in school this February. She will be attending school camp in few more days and the wedding of her dad's cousin. We bought a dress here, shoes and a bag that she can wear on the wedding. It's a formal event so guys will be in tuxedo and women in their formal dress. I know she will be stunning that day.

I'll be missing her again for sure but right now I am relieved that she is back home safe and I can continue my work 'round here.

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