Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preserving Good Memories thru Videos

Holidays are over and my family had a blast during Christmas and New Year. It is special because we get to meet my sisters and their families living in Saudi Arabia and Sydney in Hongkong last December for a small get together and vacation. We all enjoyed the tourist spots there. Of course the vacation is not complete without picture and of course videos. My other sis Joy and family from Sydney after going to Hongkong went straight here in the Philippines.

My sis Joy wanted their 2 children to experience what it is like to spend Christmas and New Year here for this is their 1st time to visit the country. At first they where kinda culture shocked bec. of the noise and the weather but because they are kids they adapt so easily. In fact, they really enjoyed the stay here. To document their first ride on the tricyle and jeepney (local public transport), we always took a video and photos of it so that they can remember that experience when they grow up.

Taking videos or photos of any events in our lives is a way of preserving the memories. It’s always fun to look back and see all the videos and photos as it can bring smiles on our faces. I remember watching our birthday videos which are still on film format; it refreshes so many memories in us.

So if you have your old videos just collecting dust because you can’t view it anymore, why not check out their services and have it converted to DVD. In this way, memories are more preserved that can last for many years.

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