Friday, November 26, 2010

Save 40% It's a Big Deal

Some of the best financial minds on the Internet (and that's a pretty big field to draw from) have said that in order to get all of your savings and investing together, you need to save 40% of what you make. That way, you can save for the short term stuff (like if you're sick and can't work for awhile), the medium stuff (like if your car needs a major repair or a tree falls on your roof), and finally for a nice, comfortable retirement where you don't have to work if you don't want to. It may sound like just a dream, but a lot of people are making it happen.

There are two ways that you can go from needing money at the first sign of trouble to simply being able to cut a check for whatever you need. The first way is to become frugal as all get out. You can find innumerable ways to cut out stuff you don't need (and that you may not even especially want), so that you can put that money into things you really love. Whether or not you have any interest in having a nice future, it's the kind of bill you will seriously regret not paying sooner or later.

Your future is a serious bill to pay, and the second way to pay it is a little bit more fun than trying to squeeze pennies. But it will involve stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking a few small chances. Simply put, you can earn more money through some kind of side business. The upside is, it's a lot easier to make $100 than it is to save $100, once you've shifted some of the obvious stuff to one side. The downside is, you have to go out and hustle up clients somehow. It is a little scary, but you can do it.

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