Saturday, November 27, 2010

Other Considerations When Choosing Online Fax Services

Everyone knows that if you want to subscribe to a particular service, you need to know how much it’s worth, what you will get for the money that you will pay and whether your service will be providing you with the things that you need. These are actually things that are superficial because there are other things beyond cost and features that you need to know like:
1.24-hour support. This is something that most people do not take into consideration when signing up for a particular service and they end up frustrated and has no one to speak with when problems arise. What you should know is that good customer and technical support is part of providing good service. Most online fax facilities who offer cheap prices do not provide support so if you’re not able to send your fax message on the midnight of a holiday, do not be surprised if you can’t reach anyone from your provider for help.
2.Security and encryption. A lot of people are used to sending confidential data and information through fax like client contracts. Since you are dealing with online services who will use the internet to transmit data, you should know that you are also exposing your data on a very huge network of information and during its travel, your data can be lost, intercepted or worse, hacked. Therefore, you have to check if your online fax service provider will give you some sort of security or do they have any encryption technologies that will secure your private data and even if it is intercepted, it cannot be read by third parties.
3.File formats. Some online fax provider offers a wider variety of file types supported which is actually a lot better for your business. What you need to take not of, though, is what file types are supported, which are often used and whether you have the right software to open, view and edit the files that you will receive. Without the necessary software, you might not be able to view the fax messages that will be sent to you.

4.Flexibility. There are a couple of configuration settings that will be setup during the registration process like your email address and other information. You need to check if you can change these settings as the needs arise. For instance, somebody hacked your email address and you signed up with a different email system and you need to have this new email registered with your online fax facility. Your service should allow you to do that.

5. 30-day free trial. This is something that most online fax service providers offer their customers although not all providers offer this particular service. The good thing about free trials is that you will be able to check whether the online fax service is really right for you.
As a last note, it would be best to read customer reviews and discussion boards so you’ll know what other users think of the online fax provider that you are eyeing. They can always give you the best advice because they’ve “been there, done that.”

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