Friday, November 26, 2010

Issues While Downloading Free Ringtone

Most mobile handsets allow the users to identify each caller with a unique ringtone. This has spurred the demand for free ringtone as users do not want to spend much on ringtones that can be obtained free of cost. You can download ringtones free of cost from any of the websites that offer these kinds of services. At times, you may be charged even fora  free ringtone if the website does not support the carrier of your phone services. There can be other issues while downloading ringtones.

Phone Settings
Location where the ringtone is saved may differ from one model to another model of phone. Thus it is essential to check the documentation of the phone initially to know the exact location of the ringtone to be stored. Another issue is that every model of phone may not support all formats of files. Once again, you need to check the documentation of your phone to check which file format it supports.

Carrier Supports
Most of the websites providing free ringtones have contracts with few carriers. For example, a popular free ringtone download site may have support for carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Cellular One. Ringtones can be successfully downloaded to phones with one of these supported carriers without any problem.

Other Issues
Most of websites that provide free ringtones cater to users within specific geographic locations. Another issue that can arise in free ringtone downloading is when the website has links to other websites. If the owner of that site has moved the ringtone to a different location or totally removed it, then you may not be able to download that ringtone successfully.

The only way to overcome all these problems is to know the compatibility of your handset and know which websites support your carrier.

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