Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keeping It Together When You Freelance

The idea of freelancing will tell you a lot about the kind of person you are. For some people, it conjures up notions of being able to sit around all day and just type for your supper. And for other people, it summons up the demons of "How do I know they'll pay me?" and "What if I don't work for awhile?" among other (completely rational) fears. Every freelancer has to deal with both the euphoric notion that working at home is going to solve all of their problems and the fear that you'll end up living on loansand scrambling to find something more stable (preferably in a nice, cushy office somewhere far from home).

If you believe you're ready to make the leap from "I want to work at home" to "I do work at home," you need to make sure your feelings are in a good, neutral spot. If you're too enamored with the lifestyle (or at least what you think the lifestyle is going to be), you most likely aren't ready to go full time with it yet. Being infatuated with something usually means it's still just a fantasy, and real life always feels different when push comes to shove. If you're a little excited by the possibilities (like recovering a few hours out of your day) but a little scared of the potential drawbacks (like possibly not making any money for months at a time), you just might be ready.

The best way to keep it together when your emotions start to run wild on you is to basically trick yourself. You may have to treat it like an affirmation, but if you keep telling yourself, "I can earn more money any time I want to," eventually you'll start to believe it. A little fear is natural. It's how you deal with the fear that defines who you are.

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