Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Wish

As of this early, I've been asking my nieces and nephews on what they want for Christmas since I'm already starting to buy all the Christmas gifts. I had so much fun going tot he malls and tiangge during the weekends as I can feel the Christmas spirit already. A friend of mine is also through with her Christmas shopping and I think I need to do that as early as 1st week of December so I can avoid the Christmas rush.

It's pretty hard to shop when there's too much people in the stores and worst thing is that items are getting out of stock. I'm fortunate that my teenage nephew is not asking me or bugging his parents one of those ipods as he also know that is not on the budget. It's nice to give them that but since I have too many people in my list already, my budget is just limited to certain amount. I know that also can understand why we can't give them expensive and high-end gadgets.

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