Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Friends over twitter are already gearing up to shop this coming Black Friday and for sure, they are readying their shopping list once again. Last year, they scored big deals on home items, clothing and just about anything courtesy of our friend who’s in the US. All of the shopped items are placed in a big box and sent when it was full already.

My friends are excited to shop for their kids for a lot of stores are giving big discounts, not just 50% off but more on all items. I can just imagine all the massive people lining on stores just to get huge discounts.

If the price of gold will be slashed at half the price, there’s no doubt that my friends and I would even buy gold as an investment. If that will happen, we can sell them at higher price and we can earn big profits. I hope that the US Gold Bureau will mark their prices come Black Friday as well but I doubt it. Just wish that I could shop on Black Friday as well.

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