Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Weekend/ Barangay Elections Day

Today, is a holiday in our side of the world as today is Barangay Elections day. Voting precincts are already open since 7 am this morning and pretty sure voters will flock as the voting ends till 3 pm. I have to admit that this is the very first time that I will not vote ever since I became a voter. I’m not just well inspired and informed of whom to vote so I’ll just skip this year.

The kids are also enjoying their day off from school once again and I could hear my niece and nephew at the other door playing and sometimes fighting with each other. That’s only the worst thing when there’s no school, kids play and fight afterwards. My SIL also took this chance to go online since she’s too busy with work as a chemistry teacher in highshool. 

Long weekends means more bonding times with the family for some, but for me, I see it as just one of the ordinary days where I usually work full time.

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