Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surfing and Blog Hopping

Thank goodness, I had the chance to do some blog hopping and surfing today. I’m about to finish some of my works so I need some break a little bit. I already went to some digital scrapbooking shops and there are some nice for commercial use elements but I opted not to buy because they are not on sale. Maybe if there’s a sale come Black Friday shopping then I guess I have to snag some of them.

I also was scouring for some bags online and as usual, I’m itching to buy another leather bag as a birthday gift for myself. Unfortunately, I could not find a design at Coach and ColeHaan that will suit my taste. I also hopped at my friend’s blog and it’s a delight to read some of their updates. 

Wishing I can finish some of my workload tonight so that by tomorrow I have time to design kit and surf for more.

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