Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

1. Super Typhoon Juan already went out of the country but it left some dead and many properties damaged.
2. Sweet beans for my snack.
3. Online works pouring in.
4. Mr. Sun shining outside.
5. I found some fat burning exercises at Youtube where I sometimes follow before I go to work. I really need to be mobile because I noticed that I'm having a sedentary lifestyle already.
6. Online friends who are very helpful.
7. A text message from a friend whom I have not talked to for a long time.
8. Atis fruits that we harvested at one of our tree in our backyard.
9. Mom celebrated her 78th birthday last Monday
10. Talked to my sis Joy and niece Bianca in Sydney via phone

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