Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Parties

I got envy when I wasn’t able to attend our Twitter/Bebots’ Christmas Party last Sunday. I initially confirmed my attendance but later on felt a little bit out of place since all of them are coming with their husbands, children and even their yayas. Anyway, I hope next time, I can already come so that I will not miss the fun.

I got another invitation for a Christmas party of our highschool batch and it’s gonna be on December 29. Since the place is just at the other town, I’ll be attending. It’s not a formal party where women should wear evening dresses, it’s just a casual Christmas party where fun and riot are abound.

I know I’ll be making the invitations as one of the organizer already told me. I’ve been making invites and tarpaulins of our batch when there’s an occasion already. I hope to see my former hs classmates once again.

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