Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Appliance Shopping

It was about 2 weeks ago when I told my mom that we're going to shop for appliances. Mom was so happy upon hearing that because finally her wishes will come to reality already. It was one Saturday afternoon when I asked mom to accompany me to the nearest appliance center but the 1st store had no stock at that time so we went to Abenson.

We bought new 6 cuft. Kelvinator refrigerator , Sharp 7.5 kg washing machine, and 3 electric fans. Mom didn't thought that I'll buy all of them at once so she was kinda surprised when I asked her to pick a style or a brand. At least we have replaced old ref already and the "noisy" washing machine and electric fans that we had. I'm sure it'll take few more years before I'll buy a new one again.

If my budget is still enough, I wish we had bought some beds for my brother but it'll be my project for next year.

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