Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free HP 3-in Printer from Smart

I've been a Smart Bro customer for 3 years now. Over all, I'm pleased with the service and the Internet connection that they have eventhough there are times that the connection is slow or out of service. I know that net connections can be downtime at time most especially when there's typhoon or they are having some adjustments or upgrading.

As part of their promo, they are giving away cellphones, prepaid plug it net connection, and printers if you renew your contract with them. I availed the promo and I got a free HP 3-1 printer with scanning software in it and that means I'm tied with their service for another 2 years again but that is ok. R

ight now, I'm already using the printer and the scanner as an added service here at my store.

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