Monday, September 3, 2007

What’s your skin care regimen?

Hey ladies can you share your secret skin care regimen? I admit I don’t have a flawless skin that is why I envy those who are gifted with it. I have an oily T-zone on my face that keeps me bothered. Although I have tried quite few creams available on the market but nothing seems to solve it really. I don’t want to buy those expensive creams bec. I don’t want to take a risk and end up blaming my self for buying that hahaha.

Anyway, I just have a very simple regimen; I have to make sure I will clean my face with my local astringent which I have been using for ages before I go to sleep. I don’t wash my face now with ordinary soap instead I just use facial wash or scrub. Maybe the ones that I am using right now may not be good for my skin huh? Perhaps I need to consider in trying new skin care products that is in the shops now. I been thinking to buy Olay total effects the last time I went to the mall buy geez a small bottle is already P600 and that is already expensive for my budget conscious pocket hahaha.

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