Monday, September 3, 2007

Be safe than to feel sorry

My eldest bro Ronald got into an accident about 2 weeks ago. It was early in the morning aboard his motorbike he sends his youngest son in school; he then proceeded to a nearby store to buy a prepaid card. On his way, he was about to go on a left turn when another motorbike was coming. He was not able to see it fast, so when he made the left turn he hits the motorbike in a sweep. By brother was shaken with the collision but the good thing is that he only suffered small minor wounds in his feet while the other man is not injured at all. The headlights of the man’s motorbike was broken so he was compelled to pay for it bec. he was the one at fault.

He called my other bro for assistance and he went home limping and with wounds, we are so glad that is the only thing that happened. If the other person will be injured for sure we will pay for its hospitalization and other medical expenses. We told him he was still lucky.

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