Friday, September 21, 2007

A day at my eye doctor

Finally, I had the time to go to my eye doctor today. My eyes are hurting and I have a headache almost everyday and it gives me so much discomfort. I went to my doctor's office around 10 am but it was still closed, good enough my doctor's secretary is my "kumare" so i just asked her to put me in the list. I came back at the clinic around 10:45 and few minutes later my doctor came and I'm the 1st one that he checked up

He said i had Astigmatism that is why i have blurred vision and having headaches now. My old eyeglass is also not fitted for my vision anymore so he raised it from 100 to 125. He also advised me to adjust my computer monitor or chair so that i will not have any discomfort.

I also ordered a new pair of progressive sunglasses and by Monday i will have a new one. I am sure with my new glasses i will no longer have a headache.
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