Monday, September 10, 2007

I just can’t wait…....

....for my next trip to Australia next year. My sister Joy and bro in law Joe will sponsor my trip back in Aussie land for the 3rd time probably around 1st quarter of 2008. I know it is a bit far but I can’t hide the fact that I am excited again. I know I will have a blast bec. there are still many places in Australia that I wanted to see. If the plans will push through we might be going to the Great Barrier Reef where Nemo resides. Who knows I will be swimming with Doris and Nemo, cool huh?They already went there just this January and stayed in one of the islands and they had a grand vacation and in fact, Micah tried snorkeling.

I wish I was in Australia right now bec. my sister and family went on a trip back in Canberra. Ahhh vacations… don’t you just love taking a break from your daily routine and just stay in a hotel and go to the beach? I also wish that maybe someday I will have my Florida vacation with my relatives back in the States. I know I will not worry for a place to stay just in case.
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  1. I agree OZ is such a nice place to visit. Ganda ng Blue Mountains. :)

  2. Hi NIce.. oo i've been there on my 1st trip, it was so cold at that time coz it was about to rain. The view is breathtaking talaga


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