Friday, September 7, 2007

New header and blah blahs

Hello guys, i hope you are all enjoying your day.Weekend is here again and don't you think time is really flying so fast and the next thing we know it's Christmas already? I just can't wait for that!

Anyway, I was ahead of my blogging assignments, i already finished them early so i have time to scrap a bit. I was online again this morning and of course i could not resist goin to all the digital scrapbooking stores. I end up buying Annie Manning's new Funky Flowers. After downloading those lovely flowers i thought i'd renovate my SHOPPING BLOG and give it a fresh new look. I love the way it turned out and i can't wait to share the header that i made.

Here it is:
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Credits: Ribbon and Staple Christina Renee, Flowers by Annie Manning, and Alpha by Birgit

(Note: I am not so sure i cannot view my header at IE, it shows in Mozilla though). Kindly tell me if it showing at IE at your side.

Thanks for taking a look and hope you can take a peek at my "SHOPPING BLOG "and see some nice items i have posted there.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


  1. That header looks pretty sharp! Almost like you are a graphic designer! :)

    Good job!

  2. Hi Jen! I am using IE and its showing great at my end. btw, nice header.

  3. The header looks really sweet on the other site. I've always liked the look of deep orange with black, and the way you have everything set against a light grey backdrop is great because that means your writing can be in black instead of white.

    I don't know if the colors are new or not, I hadn't visited that blog before, but i think it looks really great


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