Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am still here

Wow it's been days that i haven't updated this blog. It's hard when you have multiple blogs you know.. hehehe I am actually busy updating my other blogs bec. i have to beat the deadline that i have for my blogging assignments. It's seldom that opps are pouring in so i need to grab them and avail of the opportunity. Although it's tiring sometimes but when I think of the good things it will bring to me then i am so inspired to get them.

Anyway, i had a boring weekend if you want to know hehe. I am not feeling well last Sunday so i opted just to stay home (actually here at my shop) and then i went to the grocery later. Just in case you are wondering where i have been, just take a peek at all the entries that i posted in my other blog. SIMPLY JEN.

Have a great week everyone!!
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  1. Hi Jen! Hirap nga magmaintain ng maraming blog pero super sulit naman when pay back time comes.


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