Sunday, September 23, 2007

Are you a good cook?

Oh me? Ahmmm NO. I can cook but not that good I can say. I always admire women who loves to cook and can make up menus on their own. I think they are born to be a good cook and if their recipes are yummy I reckon they put a lot of love in cooking it. Plus I guess they enjoy what they are doing especially if they have nice and complete cookware set in their kitchen.

I’m not a kitchen person lately but I can work around the kitchen cutting up the veggies and all.
I remember cooking leche flan and it turned out to like an egg pie, my friend Racel would always laugh at me when she remembers that. Hahaha.

So what about you what are your favorite recipe and specialty?


  1. hello! i read your blog frequently and decided to drop a line today. it's funny you're talking about cooking today as i am currently in the process of slaughtering a potatoe roll recipe. it's baking right now and it looks awful and i could feel the texture as i was kneading it and it felt...just not right. i'm with you...some people were just not born to be good cooks. i just like to go have dinner with my friends that ARE good cooks. too bad; it looks sort of fun!

  2. I love cooking Jen. I love it as much as i love eating. :)

  3. yeah having a good cookware helps talaga, and having a beautiful kitchen too ^_^

  4. I totally wish my wife and I were good cooks. I even try and watch the food network for tips and ideas. Unfortunately, I always seem to muck up the recipes. So usually to play it safe, it's fillets, twice baked potatoes and asparagus. That's about the only thing I'm good at cooking.

    I don't think Bobby Flay will be challenging me to a "Throw Down" anytime soon :)

  5. di bale bes naperfect mo naman yung itinuro ng nanay sayo na hamonado di ba! know what a good cook starts with a good taste, kailangan maganda ang panlasa mo, i love cooking and at every opportunity on tv, internet, books and magazine i never pass it. i really grabbed the opportunity to read and watch the styles and techniques of cooking,my dream of being a chemist landed on my kitchen - dito ako nage-experiment ng different recipes.


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