Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthdays Celebrants

My niece Kukay celebrated her 16th bday on Sept. 18; she is in Riyadh right now with her family so I just emailed her mom to give our bday greetings.

Another niece of mine Kathleen just turned 17 on Sept. 25th; I only had the chance to greet her after she came home from the university. Her mom just cooked spaghetti for dinner and all of us had a sumptuous meal. Ahh, we can never really stop the time, I still remember I used to take care of her when she was a baby and now she’s grown up and even much taller than me. And next year, we will be celebrating her Debut (18th) birthday and for sure we will have a grand party.

And today is my nephew’s b-day (Karlo- Pinoy Blogero), he is 21 already. He went out today with his gf and some friends and they will just celebrate it outside.

Older bro just cooked a nice meal for today and he just made a PAKSIW na PATA for lunch. I love the taste and the way it turned out (thick sauce). I actually ate a lot this lunch and goodness me I had to be stopped from getting more rice by my sis-in-law. She keeps on teasing me bec. I’m getting fat lately. My belly is getting bigger and bigger, it’s like I’m having a big rubber lifesaver on my Well at least I already got rid of drinking Coke and I think I’m doing pretty good. I reckon I don’t still need to take one of those hoodia pills that I heard those weight watchers are taking. I still need to control myself from indulging too much on fatty foods.

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