Sunday, September 30, 2007

Layout Share

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Just wanted to share this new layout that I made last night. Actually i was working on another layout but it's taking me forever. I remember this picture of me and my nephew Dither many Sundays ago and when i made some photo enhancements I was non-stop. I love the way it turned out. I bought Christina Renee's Signature kit and i used it for this layout.

I also finished one layout, actually it was the bday invitation of my mom but i will just share that later. Note: credits will be seen at my DIGI BLOG.

Happy Sunday everyone !!! Wow it's October already tomorrow yahooooo.!!!
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  1. Everytime I see your name it reminds me of the song by Click 5 "Jenny". Love that song!!

    Hahaha! Sorry been missing for some time... i have a new blog now tho still blogging in myfairy-tale!

    Check out at! We can exchange links too if you want.

    Waaa nice picture oh! Hehehe! So cute the girl!

  2. what a beautiful LO te it

  3. Hi Natash, hmm i have no clue about that song.. but if you liked it i bet it's good huh. Ive added ur link link alrady..

    JOYCE thanks for droppin by and the comment

  4. oh this is so pretty :)


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