Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dad’s Death Anniversary

Dad’s death anniversary will be on 11th of Oct. again. It was 18 years already when he left us. I clearly remember we were all shocked and crying to know that he succumbed to Myocardial Imparction or simply called Heart attack (he's a chain smoker). Every year we never failed to visit his tomb and offer some flowers and prayers. I know he is guiding us and he is already at peace.

Dad is a Civil Engineer of a Japanese Co. Summa Kumagai and he just got his promotion at the time of his death. He is an intelligent man, man of few words and handy man. I will always remember him very workaholic, even on weekends I will see him working with my brothers, fixing the car or just maintaining it. They have their entire tools on the garage like that of Ingersoll Rand air tools, compressor and what have they. There are also days when they will go at Banawe in Q.C. to purchase some spare parts or tools.

I miss him dearly and he is sometimes in my dreams especially when his death anniversary will come. Hug your dads now bec. soon you will have no more chance to do that. Love you dad. Miss ya!!
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