Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you excited for Christmas?

I do, aside from it being festive; I cannot wait for my niece Micah Jey in Sydney to have her Christmas vacation here in the Phils. Anyway, few more months and it’s gonna be Christmas once again, so have you prepared your shopping lists already? Oh well, I have over 20 godchildren and before Christmas, I need to jot all of their names and their age and think about what gift is suited to each child.

My eldest godchild is already a teenager so I don’t think I need to give her a gift bec. for sure I don’t know her taste. I reckon I just need to give her money instead so she can buy what she wants.

The youngest male godchildren that I have is around 4 or 5 years old so I think RC airplanes or cars are perfect gift for them. I know kids that age love receiving gifts (esp. TOYS) for Christmas instead of money. I remember one time I gave money to one of my godchild and I heard him whispering to his mom where is his toy hahahaha. I knew he will look for one. Kids are funny sometimes, don’t you think so?
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