Friday, February 3, 2017

Time to Try New Things

Wow, January of 2017 passed by so quickly. Spent my January with 2 trips out of town with my family. We went to Cebu in January 7 till the 12th but the weather is not that good as it is raining almost everyday. However, that doesn't stop us from exploring the province. After that, we went to Palawan, and it is heaven. The islands are breathtaking and the province is a gem.

 This year, I am planning to go travel again and explore our country more. This year, it's also a time to try new things, I have eaten crocodile meat for the first time and it tastes like chicken. I have not tried the zip line though as I was scared and my body is al little bit achy that time, oh well might try it next time.

There are also more things to explore and learn online. There are heaps of websites that are worth visiting and perusing. I have learned so many things from different blogs and sites. There are also online shops that help people shop for their things, Etsy, E-bay, Amazon and the likes are fave. For musical enthusiasts, can be helpful as well. Perusing the site can be worthwhile if you are in need of anything music related.

I also want to try my hand in baking, and hope that will push through in the coming months if time permits.

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