Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy Summer

Wow, our weather is just so crazy these days. Summer entered in our country this month and it’s been raining almost everyday for 1 week now. Sure, it’s hot and humid on most days but it’ll be overturned with gloomy skies and sudden drops of rain. Crazy… so it’s a rainy summer here in our part of the world.

I guess it’s not only in our place that we’ve been experiencing a change in weather pattern because it’s also raining in Sydney where my sister lives and it’s suppose to be autumn. Her son and daughter’s cowboy/cowgirl themed party were ruined because of the rain and they have no choice but to conduct the party inside the house.

It’s ok to rain sometimes because it also keeps the humidity off. What I’m afraid about is that, rainy season will come early and more storms will come.

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