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Find Lawyers Wherever You Are


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Finding a lawyer to represent you is easy when you’re close to home. After all, you are probably familiar with the most well known lawyers in town from their billboards, television ads and from reading the daily news. You might even have acquaintances in the legal industry who are happy to give you the scoop on who the best lawyers are and which ones to avoid.

Unfortunately, arrests and accidents don’t always occur close to home. People get pulled over in other states simply because the traffic laws are different from their own. What is perfectly legal in New York might be a serious traffic infraction in another. The legal limits for DWI/DUI could be much lower where you vacation. You could accidentally find yourself in a whole lot of trouble far from home and need a lawyer’s help to keep your driving privilege intact.

What if you had to travel to assist a loved one who had been injured in an accident? How would you help them start searching for a legal help when you are not familiar with local attorneys? When it comes to personal injury lawyers New York is full of familiar resources. You know where their offices are, and you even know their advertising jingles from television. In fact, you could probably recite the most popular personal injury lawyer new york phone number right off the top of your head. You might even know someone who represented a friend or family member in the past.

If you need to find a lawyer in another state, it makes things a bit more difficult. You don’t necessarily want to hire the first one whose ad you see on TV. It’s much harder to know their reputations, and it is harder to ask around when you don’t know anyone in town.

The easiest way to start searching is to contact any lawyers you may know. They may have law school or work colleagues who practice in a number of different states and should be happy to recommend someone. If you don’t know any lawyers, start with the American Bar Association.

The American Bar Association provides a listing of lawyers from its nationwide database. It also offers various legal resources to make finding a lawyer easier. The ABA can help you start your search with the names of lawyers and their specialties in any part of the United States.

Once you have a few names, find out as much as you can about their hourly rates, experience and availability before you commit to a retainer agreement.
Even though personal injury lawyers usually don’t charge by the hour, you will still want to talk to more than one. Whether you have been charged with a crime or injured in an accident, you will be sharing lots of personal information with your lawyer. Therefore, it’s important to find one with who you feel comfortable in order for him or her to do the best job possible.

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