Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Set with the Girls

I’ve been scheduling my day off with the girls for a long time now. Since they are studying in the university  and they are doing their thesis and other projects. it’s pretty hard to have our schedules to jive. K who is graduating this year is doing her thesis in film while FM is on semestral break already. It’s a good thing that they are available come Saturday so I immediately set it for our day off.

I always love going out with them. We’d go on shopping and eating and since they are still young, they can keep up with me strolling the mall, going to every store that we all wish to go. They are also a good critic on some of the stuff that I will buy. I sometimes ask for their opinion if the Boyfriend Gifts are nice, or of the blouse and shoes that I will buy suits me. They frankly tell me that I look to old for that look hahaha.

Both of them are ball of energy for they ask me to go this certain store or eat at that resto and can walk even up to 6 hours of shopping. I have to say that they are good shopping buddies. I usually go out shopping alone but there are times that I want to be with them as I feel young and energetic as well. I can’t wait for our day-off on Sat.

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