Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Town Fiesta Parade

Project 365: Town Fiesta Parade
Last Sat. (Valentine's Day) there was a parade here at our town. It rained so hard that we thought that the parade will be cut short but fortunately rain stopped.

Of course the much awaited in the parade are the celebrities. Celebs that was on the parade was Eric Fructouso and Gene Padilla who got soaked in the rain, i wan't able to take pics of them bec. I don't want my camera to get wet. of course .. Teens went ga-ga when they saw Rainier, Ryza Cenon and Jackie Rice, they are pretty in person while Rainier is good looking as well.. He has that smiling face talaga.
There's also Krista Ranillo Krista - daughter of Matt Ranillo III. Gosh she is soooo skinny and almost flawless in person.. The parade took about 2 hours and it was fun. My SIL even sell mineral water and chichiria etc in front of our garage.
Jackie Rice, Rainier, Ryza Cenon

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