Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday at Megamall

Canon's EOSjen_canon6
I went to Megamall with the hopes of getting my 50mm lens fixed but the Canon Store that I went to is not a service center .. yay. The in house technician who just checked my lens there told me that my lens had a bad fall so I really need to bring it at their official service center. The Canon sales attendant took a shot of me while I am taking pictures inside their store using the canon 50d which is my dream camera too.

I love that shot of mine, I did not process this at photoshop yet it is still crisp and very clear. I had the chance to take some shots at the store and I was finding some of their promotional products that I can get but unfortunately there was none. It's been a while since I've been at Megamall so I took the chance to stroll around their, I entered lots of shops, look around but bought nothing hahaha. It was a tiring Sunday but it was fun eventhough I went alone.

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