Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Miss you Betchay!

Beth, my dear friend since college flew to Canada with her family about 2 years ago to migrate there. They are lucky bec. her husband was able to bring them at the same time. She is already busy bec. she got herself a job too in a clinic there and I am so happy for her. Eventhough we are so far apart now, there are times that we e-mail each other to keep in touch but not on a regular basis bec. I know she is so busy with her work and they are still adjusting to the life and culture there.

It’s her birthday this coming March and I will definitely send her one of those online greeting cards so she can receive it fast unlike in the snail mail. It is also reliable and very convenient to send and one of the most popular means of communicating these days. I just wish she’ll take a vacation back home here soon.

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