Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The survivor instinct in me

Hmmm.. what would you do if you get fired from your job, you have no money, you are in a new city, you don’t know someone.. how would you survive?? Very interesting question huh. That question also goes to Michael Westen, a CIA Operative on the new show,

Anyway, if I will be in his shoes, how would I survive? This will be really tough one since no one can live comfortably without any resources on hand but once the situation arises I know my survivor instinct would come out. Probably I will assess the area first, I will try to watch how people react and go on with their lives. Since I have no money to buy food, hmm I guess I will have to use my charm in asking people for food or money. I will make friends and will ask them to spare a little money for me; I know someone has a heart of gold. I will walk around the city, who knows I might stumble into a treasure hidden somewhere? Haha That would be awesome. Or maybe I can pick up some empty bottles and sell it on a junkshop in exchange for money. Sleeping??? I can maybe go to a park or something and just find somewhere I can sit or take a nap. I know i will find a way to survive.

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