Saturday, June 16, 2007

How do you keep your kids to go to school ??

Bribe them with toys, foods, candies??

Hey there mommies, I know some of you might be guilty one way or another in bribing your kids just to go to school (esp. if their kids are just starting to enter school). My sis-in-law is a good example of that bec. her 4 year old daughter who is in Nursery sometimes doesn’t like to go to school. Although she already finished her Toddler year, going to school in a different environment, new teacher and classmates makes her a bit scared that she cries before entering the room.

My sis-in-law then would promise her that she will buy her Barbie doll, or candies just to make her stop crying and to go to school. In fact, on the 1st day of her school she had her Barbie as promised, (as seen on the pic). On the 2nd day she was crying again and was outside her classroom for an hour looking for her mom. After school she was rewarded with Mc Donalds.

When she was in Toddler last school year there are countless times that I often see her cry before or after school. She always has a candy or a small toy that they bought before going home. I believe it is not quite right since the kid is so used to buying things and I call her nga “bilmoko girl”.

My sis inlaw would tell me just let be as long as she will not cry and go to school. I can’t argue with her about this all the time bec. she is also having a hard dealing with the situation.

What are your thoughts about this and how do you keep your kids to go to school?


  1. Aw ang hirap to deal with that kind Jen. Cguro it's new to her pa. Ma mi-miss pa cguro mommy nya and then she is not happy without her. How about let her have friend inside the room, her classmate ba ka mo para maaliw naman sya. Let her classmate come home with her pabibisitain. For me that's the one way she can get over it. Anyway bata pa kasi yong neice mo. I still remember when I was in elem hinahanap ko mama ko kasi I wasn't confident enough para makighalo bilo sa mga classmates and then natatakot rin ako sa teacher haha. Pero na overcome ko naman yong time na yon after couple of weeks. Sociable type ba neice, kong hindi yan ang problema kasi mama parin ang hahanapin niya. I know my advise is not that clear though but Im still hoping na may ways how to make her stay in school na hindi iiyak. Kawawa rin sya anuh! Goodluck to her.

  2. hahaha..i bribe my son all the time..It the only way for me to go to the grocery or mall na hindi sya iiyak..hahaha..

  3. yaaay, hindi ko pa rin alam paano deal ang gantong situation. I remember ako umiiyak din ako and having new things (pencil case, bag, pencil, sharpner, eraser) na maganda at wala mga classmate ko makes me want to go to school.. and also may baon--yakult at Hi-C motivates me.. heheheh

  4. I remember nung grade 1 ako kasama ko tatay ko sa loob ng classroom hahaha tapos pinapromise ako bibilhan ako ng toys para lang magstay sa room..i think sa umpisa lang naman you give them stuff tapos when they get used to it and find new friends you won't need to bribe them. I'll let you know what happens Jelynn is going to school on the 25th lol but I know it wouldn't too hard kasi gusto nya ng pumunta ng school. She wants to meet new kids daw. But if I have trouble with her I guess bribing will do lol.

  5. HI ladies, it;s nice to hear all your opinions..

    DAUPH, actually makakananay siya since breast fed sya till almost 3 years old kaya ayun super attach sa mom nya..baka kaya ganyon sya..

    LIZA, hehe, soemtimes d talaga maiwasan ang d mag bribe ano.

    AMORE, hehehe i think mga bata likes new things na pwede nilang pang-ingit sa mga ibang bata hahaha.

    JUZ, let's see what will Jellyn's reaction sa 1st day of school nya.

    Thanks sa inputs nyo

  6. Hi sis muzta kana eto na pala yon bago mong blog :)

    Hhmm wala akong ma e share tungkol dito sa post mo pero im sure ganun talga yong mga kid kapag unang pumasok sa school umiiyak naghahanap ng mga mommies nila :) kahit siguro din tayo nung una diba? :) pero pag nasanay na sila gusto na rin palagi sa school :)

    Happy weekend sis.

  7. Hmmm...has your SIL asked your niece why she does not want to go to school? Maybe she's scared of someone or something. Also, can someone else bring your niece to school so that their goodbyes are done at home. That's what we used to say to the parents of our students(I taught preschool). We usually give them about a week or two to adjust so we allow one parent or the yaya to stay in the room. On the 3rd week of school, we firmly tell the kids that their yaya or mommy can't stay in the room with them anymore. Kahit na umiyak, we ask the parents to leave and to be sure to be prompt in picking up the kid so they'll learn to trust the parent that once school is done, the parent will be there. Kahit umiyak, be firm lang. HTH!

  8. i don't have to bribe or push my daughter JC, coz she loves it! she is so excited every wed. for her skill builders! it's not even a school yet but it's a good sign...she really can't wait to go to school, well, at least that's what she keeps telling us!ehehehe!

  9. Thanks for your feedbacks ladies, i appreciate it. JOY she told her mom that the school is small hahaha.

    Just info my niece is going to school na w/o crying (keeping) our fingers crossed) i guess she is just adjusting..

  10. hi bes, medyo late na my comment but as per my experience with my 3 kids, kay josh ako nahirapan,being a working mom doubled my problem, i gave myself and josh 3 days to adjust; first day - i was in the room with him memorizing all the details of his reactions to classmates, teacher and schoolroom. I jotted down every positive detail for encouragement and negative detail for explaining what and why, second day - still with josh inside the room but I had attempted escape from the room so he'll learn that I can't be with him all school hours, he cried and followed me so I had to get back and be with him again pero pinaramdam ko na hindi nya ako classmate para maging seatmate nya, third day was crucial, had his mind programmed that it's my last day na ihahatid sya so praktis na, from gate of the school I let him carry his bag and go to his room w/o me, ok na sana but after 2 min. he's crying na,pasok ulit ako sa room but I requested his teacher na irequest all of the parents inside the room na lumabas lahat para masanay ang mga kids,after we gone out of the room almost half of kids in the room cried, you'll think nga nursery sa hospital na puro iyakan, that wailing and crying subsided only after 20mins. then after the closing hours josh got out of the room first with his backpack and said to me "Mommy kaya ko na". The thing is you just have to sometimes let them feel a little fear and learn to face it for them to overcome it, otherwise they will not mature. Bribing is ok for a time or so but it's not advisable for a long period of time. Advise lang for young mommies po!


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