Saturday, June 9, 2007

To stay or to step down?????

That is the question that is in my head up to this time. For those that didn't know yet, I am a digital scrapbooking designer at the Scrapping Garden since Aug. of last year and have been selling my kits there since. And as a designer there are other duties that i need to do aside from just having my kits for sale there.

The thing is, I got an e-mail this morning from one of the TSG owner, and she is asking me if i am still interested in selling my kits at their store. Oh my i am sooo guilty, to be honest i have not been participating in the store's activities, mega kit's submission, posting and commenting on galleries. The reason is i became too busy with blogging, paid blogging, life around here and work that is why i have not been fulfilling my duties...

I know it is not fair for other designers there and members who are active in the site. I still have to think this over before i will email her back. Am i stepping down??? I don't know yet. I love designing so much but life can be tooo busy at times and i need to prioritize something...You can see my works here.

Gosh, this is hard.. Can you give me your thoughts on this??? Thanks.


  1. hmmmn, how about focusing on blogging since you earn more.. and then continue designing but as a freebie ;) hahaha tama ba un?

  2. Thanks on your thoughts Amore hmmmm i have already decided and i will let you all know.

  3. I think you can focus more on blogging tama si ate Ganda! you get paid regularly, mas madaming opportunities, yung designing naman you can always probably set up your own shop or whatever you know, kumbaga hobby mo yun, pwede ka pa rin naman magbenta kahit papano since you are so great in designing stuff. it's up to you, ate you know your energy level, kung kaya mo why not diba? but if not, I guess just let it go. bakit naman ganun ano, obligado ka mag participate sa kanila? I mean, busy ka rin syempre dami mong ginagawa hindi ata naiintindihan yun hehee. anyways, check your pros and cons weigh it a little see how it goes. ;)

  4. HI kItty, thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it. You have a good point too.


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