Friday, June 8, 2007

Take a break, have a Chit- Chat ...

Actually that's what i do, if I'm already bored with my endless work in my pc. I am in front of my pc for almost 8-10 hrs. a day since my "real" work involves a computer. There are times when i feel like I already married my desktop lol.

Usually when someone asks me where is my husband I even made a joke that the pc is my husband. And they replied, that's the reason why i don't have husband Of course there are times I need to stand up and do some stretching.

There are times i was able to chat with fellow Pinay digiscrappers and has some good conversations with them. FYI, i don't go to chat rooms anymore, the last time i was there i think was 2002. I met some creepy and jerk people there so i'd rather stay away from them now. There are more important things in my life that needs my time.


  1. I know what you mean... my work is 100% on computers as well and spend my LIFE touching the keypads and gazing at the monitor... at home it's time to check emails and blog...

    That's the beauty and also the beast of TECHNOLOGY! Hehehe! Thanks for dropping by!! Wanna x-change links?? Would love it!

  2. jen sounds good nga gumawa ng sariling domain but somehow takot ako sa u said parang hubby mo na pc mo. i spent a lot of time din sa pc and if i add more work, nakuh mas worse na...hehehe! maintain ko nalang this time yung dalawang blog muna...cguro pagnagstop na ako sa kaka-advertise gagawa na ako ng sariling domain for just a personal blog nalang...someday!

  3. Heeeeeeeeeey! Congratulations! This is so cool! I wish you a lot of success (and money - it doesn't hurt does it? =D) Don'tforget your Bravenet friends!!!

  4. Thanks for the leaving some comments here... Hi Natasha i've already linked you here.. JENR, you ar eright it's hard to manage many blogs..

    LILY, thank u. Of course i'm still be blogging at my bravejournal

  5. te Jen thanks bigay ko sa kanya yong addy kasi nung akin wala naman ako ginawa nilagay ko lang yong cnames na google tapos nagwork na sila ni Nitz nagkaprobs dunno why..thanks


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