Friday, June 8, 2007

"iron" Deficiency Syndrome

Gosh, my "Iron Deficiency Syndrome" strikes again last night.. Nope, it's not a disease guys, actually it's my laziness to iron my mom and my clothes..yikes!! Actually last night i was suppose to iron my clothes after dinner but after eating i watched TV on the sofa and watch "Here Comes the Bride" Tv show on Channel 11. Little did i know I was already sleeping on the couch in few minutes.

Later on, I suddenly wake up and mom asked me if i'm still going to do the ironing. I told her I am too lazy and sleepy already. After few minutes i got up and went straight to my room and sleep.

I woke up again at around 11:00 pm and turned on TV and watch the Pinoy Big Brother for a while. I immediately remembered the mountain of clothes to be ironed but i am so lazy to even get up again.
How i wish our clothes were all wash and wear so i will have not a hard time telling myself to that boring task of

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