Sunday, June 24, 2007

Certified Kikay

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This is an accomplishment, lol! Finally my mojo is back (i hope for good). Like i said in my previous entries i am busy downloading freebies and oh my gosh they are all beautiful !!

This is my 4-year old niece (AIDEL REIGN) and one night i told her i'm going to take her pics and it's a miracle she said yes and posed for me. There are times she doesn't like to be photographed and i'm so happy she cooperated and i love all her poses.


Bg paper by Mira Designs, Fuzzy Stitch by Amy Teets, frame by Nancy Comelab, Crochet by Tricia, Flowers by Jessica Bolton, CardboardS by Fernlili and Linda GB, Stitches by Natali, Burlap buddies by Corina Nielsen, Buttons by Shabby princess and Jessica Bolton, Pink ribbon and safety pin by Shawney Mathhis, Paint Daub by TCONY, Messy ribbon by Fernlili, ribbons by Wendy page, Alpha by Linda GB, squashed alpha by Kulie Clark, alpha using my index card, folded flower, staple, wooden star are mine JennyL

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