Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yahoooo, my domain's working now!

Oh yes and my special thanks goes to ANGIE !!! If not for her i have given up already. Thank you girl you're my angel! Actually my head is really in a spin since last week bec. i can't make my domain work properly with or w/o www in it. I already wrote support team for many times now and gosh they can't help me in the end they didn't even replied my last email probably they already annoyed with my unending I hope next time their support team will have more knowledge in dealing with their customers domain problems. I also google searched for tutorials and nothing seems to help.

Anyway, actually Angie, posts a comment on my blog coz she also bought a domain at 1and1 for only $5.99/year and we had the same dilemma about how to make our domain work properly. We email each other back and forth the last few days about how can we solve it. And just this morning she emailed me and gave me a blog link that has a tutorial on how we can make it work since the author had the same problem.

So right now my domain will now work with or w/o www.

I also want to thank THE FINANCE BUFF for your easy to follow instructions on how we can set our own domain bought from


  1. yeheyyy congratz te Jen...I'll update my link

  2. Yippeeee, yes friends thank you for updating your links. Sa wakas kala ko maloloka ako

  3. wow, congratulations on your domain! eversince talagang jennys corner na talaga diba. =) really proud of you, ate you've accomplished a lot and that's really nice about a person. good luck with everything. I had to read a lot of your previous posts here, nagkaron ka na pala ng bagong pc and camera! and I saw the wacom tablet ren, naku I want one of those rin since mahilig ako mag drawing, pero ewan ko ba laging nauudlot ang pagbili ko =/ anwyays, congrats again on the domain, talagang it's so you!

    take care and God bless

  4. now that it's working na.. im sure there's no reason not to have more custom domains that you can afford. hihihi. I have the same feeling only time is the problem, but i will definitely get another one. goodluck sa atin!


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