Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Passport Pic

I went out after lunch to have my picture taken at the photo studio bec. i am goin to renew my passport tomorrow. I just called the DFA hotline passport renewal at (632) 737-1000 and the call agent got all my details and my old passport will be pick up by the courier tomorrow. I will pay P1,300 for that, i know the payment will be much higher if i will go at the DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs) much it will save me from hassle of commuting and the scorching heat of the weather. Plus if i will go out it will eat 3/4 of my day.

Anyway, the courier will pick it up and will return to me after 6-8 working days. I need to renew it early bec. if you read my sad story in my other blog (Simply Jen) i might fly to Australia this year.

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  1. im sure your sister will be fine. goodluck sa trip mo in the future.


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