Friday, June 15, 2007

Keeping in touch is just a phone call away

My uncle and aunt in LA who recently had a 3week vacation here make it a point to call us over the phone once or 2x a month to keep in touch that is why they keep on looking for cheap calling cards.can cost them a fortune if they use the regular landline to call us here often so I reckon PINGO is a good choice. One of the things that we consider when using a phone card is that the calls should be clear and it doesn’t disconnect like PINGO. The call rate from US to Philippines is only $13.8c per minute, a good saving and there will be 4hours free if you also sign up at PINGO.

PINGO is helping their consumers get the best low call rates in fact; they have the Rate Watcher that will help us save our time in comparing prices form other our prepaid call cards. Mobile users also can save up to 90% on your International cell phone calls. What else do we need with all these great savings? Keeping in touch is just a phone call away and PINGO let it happen in much lesser cost. I also have some relatives in Australia and Saudi Arabia and this prepaid calling card would be a good alternative for their current cards.

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