Sunday, September 6, 2009

Men and Their Cars

It’s weekend and a friend of my bro passed by for a quick visit. I overheard them talking about business and what else? Cars! Ok , I said in my mind it’s a man’s thing, also made me miss my girlfriends for a while where of course we talk about shopping. So why do men love cars so much that they are always talking about it and actually some boasts about it?

I am guessing that there’s this manly thing that they are proud to have one, somewhat like a baby of their own where they can show it off. Those that can afford have the chance to improve or upgrade the stereo, the upholster, the mug wheels or tires and more. We also have heard those drag racers where they match their cars with other cars and see who’ll win. So what’s the prize for that? Money, Pride or a girlfriend? Hmmmm.. I can only sigh.

While some are busy pimping their cars other men must have been enjoying joining the fast lane or car racing. I bet most guys love the euphoria they get when they drive their cars like they are flying. I am also amazed with those monster trucks that look like a giant on the road, I bet they spend a lot on their 4x4 trucks . No matter how we many times we (girls) think why men love cars so much they will still end up making their cars at the top of their priorities (sometimes).

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