Sunday, September 6, 2009

Laugh at the Fat Kid

I was browsing YouTube this afternoon for any interesting video that I can watch when I stumbled upon this "Laugh at the Fat Kid" video so I watched it. It's actually a fat boy who experienced being ridiculed, left out and laughed by school kids.

I was actually touched by this video and just could feel the pain that the boy has been experiencing. Ahhh some kids are really bully and not really know that they are already hurting kids' feelings. Bullied individuals may experience depression, attachment to the society, repressed feeling, feeling of rejection, while some if they can't handle it, they can commit suicide.

Ahhh.. makes me remember the story I once read at Times magazine where a teenage boy killed his own parents bec. he has no friends and he was bullied. He created his own world through war video games and he thought that it was the reality. He was the super hero by carryin guns. Such a horrible story.

Anyway, here is the short story of the "Laugh at the Fat Kid"

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