Friday, September 4, 2009

My Birthday is Coming Soon…..

Every time “ber” months arrive, it always reminds me of my forthcoming birthday in November. Like many of you, I am definitely looking forward to that eventhough that means another year will be added to my age. It may not be a secret to you all that I’m in my very early 40’s already and how’d I wish I can turn back the clock in my mid 20’s.

So what do I want for my birthday? First of course is I am praying for a good health. I think I’m still healthy despite my frequent bouts with dyspepsia and my aching varicose veins. I have not been hospitalized for any aliments yet and still wishing I will not still. I also want to reward myself (shopping) like I always do yearly. 2 years ago I gave myself a DLSR, last year was a long lens and this year I am still thinking about it.

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