Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Love/Hate COKE!

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Thirst quenching coke... ahhhh pure bliss!hehe Been drinking this for years now and I can say I am addicted to it already and maybe you are too!

Ok, I must admit that I can drink a solo bottle of Coke a day during my snack time and it always satisfying and filling. BUT WAIT!!! there are times when I drink this my stomach will go into a rebellion and stuff gas in my stomach. Yay

It is also a reason why I always feel bloated and I hate that feeling! Just last week, after drinking it while eating a bread I felt too overstuff that I could not breathe. I was only relieved when I was able to burp many times. Such a relief.

Now, it's been 3 days now that I am nothing drinking Coke.. wahoooo!! I opted not to drink for fear of getting bloated once again. I know it's not good to be used to drinking as it also has too many sugar in it but for sure I will not resist the temptation in the future. Sighh....

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