Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather Changes

This summer, it has been so hot that my 78 year-old mother is having a hard time coping with the extreme weather conditions most of the times. I always tell her to keep herself hydrated by drinking lots of water and not to expose herself to direct sunlight as much as possible. Been checking her blood pressure as well because when it reached to more than 140/80, I know for sure that she’ll be dizzy in no time and already needed an emergency medical assistance at the nearest hospital.

Knowing my mom, she’d also do too much work (gardening, and some household works) despite her age. Not that I don’t tell her to slow down a little bit but she said she needs to move and work because that what makes her “alive”. Right now, she has little bit of cold and cough because of the changing weather in the last few days. It’s so hot the whole afternoon, then suddenly it will just rain. I’m praying that she’ll be well soon.

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