Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sickies in the House

Oh dear, this weather is making us sick (literally). My mom and I have colds and cough while my niece who is staying with us also has a sore throat and she’s having difficulty to swallow. I guess we need to drink our daily dose of vitamins and mineral supplements as well because of the weather conditions here in our neck of the woods. Right now, it’s gloomy and so hot and I think it’s going to rain shortly.

I’m kinda worried about my mom who is 78 years old already because aside from having a high blood pressure and cholesterol, her coughs makes her awake at night. Though she can walk with ease out of her room, she still needs to take extra precautions when going out at night. I also told her to just use a sturdy step stool when she wants to get something in the cabinet and just sit down when reaching for something below.

Anyway, I just hope that we’ll get well as soon as possible as it is hard to be sick in this kind of weather. Yay, today is hot.. maybe around 34-36C.

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